Obama Blames Fox News For His Failures AGAIN

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As Super Bowl Sunday drew near, many of us political fanatics grew eager with anticipation, but not because of the Super Bowl.  Instead many citizens across America were excited to watch the showdown between the highly intellectual Bill O’Reilly and Obama during a pre-game interview.  In it, Obama took to pointing fingers yet again, and although he has blamed Fox News for his shortcoming in the past, he decided to do it one more time—this time to O’Reilly’s face.

During the interview that aired at about 4:35 and lasted an upsetting 10 minutes, O’Reilly took advantage of the few minutes he could.  What happened next sent Obama on his heals stumbling back where he could only count the seconds until O’Reilly’s time expired.

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Asking hard hitting questions about the IRS, Healthcare.gov and Benghazi—one can be sure Obama had been dreading these measly ten minutes for a long time.

O’Reilly, claiming that he wanted to get some things on the record, he started off with the disastrous roll out of Obamacare and healthcare.gov.  Asking things like if he anticipated problems and why Kathleen Sebelius wasn’t fired were amongst the questions that sent Obama for a loop.

Obama, who has turned sidestepping a question into an art, tried his best to gracefully dance around the questions with as much political ease as possible.  O’Reilly though, wasn’t having it and kept Obama on task answering the questions as decisively as possible without watering down responses too much.

O’Reilly then swapped to asking if Obama’s greatest regret was intentionally deceiving the American people when he said, “If you like you heath insurance you can keep it.” Of course, once again trying his best not to directly answer the question, Obama says that he tried to focus on the task at hand instead of his regrets.  He furthers his explanation by saying that it wasn’t really his fault as they prepared a grandfather clause it just—coincidentally—didn’t cover everyone it was supposed to.

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This is where Obama starts to lay it on thick about the hard time poor old Obama has when dealing with organizations such as Fox News.

He states that O’Reilly must have a long list of regrets that Obama should have.  He goes on to say that because people like O’Reilly, he can’t do his job.  Instead he’s obligated to deal with the problems he’s created.

Now if we were good little sheep, we would just let the scandals burry themselves and leave them in the ground.  But instead he is forced to slow his political agenda and deal with the inconveniences of trying to keep his wrongdoings as hidden as possible.

O’Reilly then brings up another question—probably Obama’s most hated topic of discussion.  O’Reilly, being the political hindrance that he is, wanted to bring back up Benghazi one more time.

Poor Obama.

Asking several questions about the incompetence’s—or intentional acts—that resulted in the loss of 4 American lives, Obama didn’t really answer his questions but more said they knew it was an attack, and that was it.  Denying the fact that they had seven hours in which they could have investigated and/or sent aid, Obama set his sights on justifying what was told to the American people.

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A full length taped recording of the entire interview is set to air tonight on Bill O’Reilly’s show, The O’Reilly Factor.

What do you think—why is it so hard for Obama to take accountability for his own actions? Let us know in a comment below!

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