Russian Female Olympians Strip Down For Olympic Promo

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A new website is going viral after its creator compiled a bunch of pictures showing Russia’s most skimpily dressed female Olympians. The site boasts, “Russian sportswomen are the best campaigners for our team in Sochi.”

In what seems to have started out as the collections of a random person, the website,, has grown increasingly popular as the £31 billion games approach. Shown are women of several different sports—all of which representing Russia–wearing as little as possible in effort to show off their physiques.

(See also: 20 Hottest Female Olympians Of 2014 [GALLERY]) reads, “We sincerely support our team and believe that its strength is not only in sports achievements. Our Russian Olympic team defies stereotype that women in sport are just a heap of muscles and masculine shapes.”

Featured are many Russian athletes that are sure to compete during the 2014 Olympics such as, 25-year-old hockey star, Svetlana Kolmykova along with usual competitor—but soon to be teammate– Elena Nikitina.

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Amongst others is Alexandra Saitova, 21, a curler that won the bronze medal twice in Russian curling championships in 2010 and 2011. Along with her poses fellow curler, Ekaterina Galkina, 25, who won both the Russian and European Championships back in 2006.

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Ice hockey goalie, Anna Prugova was the youngest competitor in hockey during last winter’s games—only age 16 at the time–also made the website.

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Ekaterina Bobrova, 23, earned herself a spot on the website after winning the Russian Championship for figure skating 4 times as well as skating away with the European Championship in 2014.


Amidst the group is 22-year-old ski jumper Irina Avvakumova and 21-year-old curler Olga Zyablikova.

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Maria Komissarova a cross country skier also made the cut after winning the 2013 World Cup and being dubbed the, “Face of Russian Freestyle Skiing.”


Although switching over from skating to curling after a leg injury, 22-year-old Anna Sidorova remained at Olympic level status earning her a spot with her esteemed fellow athletes.

Although she now lives in Australia, Siberian-born Tatiana Borodulina has competed for Russia since 2006 as a short track speed skater.

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And finally, skiing since she was just 2 and a half, Freestyle skier Ekaterina Stolyarova tagged along as well.

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