VIDEO: 9/11 Truther Crashes Post-Super Bowl Interview

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While many players of the Seattle Seahawks were basking in their 15 minutes, a truly bizarre—and extremely unexpected–incident occurred.  While the MVP of the Super Bowl was talking to reporters, a “truther” commandeered the microphone and demanded that the 9/11 attacks be investigated.

For those of you not entirely sure what a “truther” is, they are a select group of people that reject the mainstream belief that the 9/11 attacks were masterminded by Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Instead they believe that the U.S. government committed these acts in order to preserve oil interests in the Middle East and begin unhindered infringement on American civil liberties.

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During the interview, Seattle Seahawks’ linebacker Malcolm Smith explained to reporters that, “I always imagined myself making great plays, but you never think about being MVP.”


As the next reporter began to ask her question, Smith’s face becomes increasingly visibly puzzled.  Soon a man barges onto the stage, into the view of the camera and rips the mic from the podium.  As Smith could only sit there seemingly unsure of what to do the man states, “Investigate 9/11. 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government.”

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Viewers, as well as Smith, could only stare in bewilderment as no one was really sure of what to do.

As security rushed the stage in effort to get the seemingly spouting lunatic away from the mic, he rushed the end of his statement and made sure he said what he had intended.  After slamming the mic down, he nonchalantly walked off stage ending his publicly televised event.

As the mic was placed back into its holder, Smith sought to restart the interview and asked, “All right … Is everybody all right?”

As of right now, it is unclear if the incident occurred as the direct result of recent rumors being spread that  the Seattle Seahawk coach, Pete Carroll, is a 9/11 “truther.”

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If trying to get an investigation opened into the 9/11 attacks, this hardly seems to be an approach where people would be prone to take you seriously.

What do you think—is this just the ravings of a crazy conspiracy theorist or could there be some truth behind what “truthers” believe? Let us know in a comment below!

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