Gun Ad Portraying Marine And His Family Banned From Super Bowl [VIDEO]

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America, land of the free and home of the brave where we have the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for both our safety and to protect us against tyrants. Our Second Amendment rights are something many of us are proud of and one would think that during the most American sporting event of the year that an ad that promotes those rights would be embraced, unfortunately the NFL thinks otherwise.

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Daniel Defense created the ad above for this year’s Super Bowl. It portrays a Marine with his family with him narrating the commercial, saying that nobody should be able to tell him how he can defend his family. There’s no violence and not a single firearm is shown throughout, only the iconic Daniel Defense logo featuring the silhouette of an AR-15, yet the NFL banned it from being shown during the game.

The NFL’s policy on advertizing states this regarding prohibited ads;

Firearms, ammunition or other weapons; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunitions (e.g., outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapons.

After watching the above ad, I can’t possibly imagine why it would be banned, seriously, unless of course the mere mention of our constitutionally protected rights is offensive enough to some that any ad that does so can’t be aired during the most watched sporting event of the year. I realize that there are people out there who at the mere mention of a gun go run and hide in a corner and plead for their safety but let’s be honest, this ad wasn’t banned for being offensive in nature, it was banned because of progressive ideology infiltrating every aspect of our lives.

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It’s no secret that Goodell and the NFL organization have a liberal slant and this is just further evidence of such. If you remember correctly, when Rush Limbaugh tried to buy a part of the St. Louis Rams he was denied by Goodell, who runs the league like a dictator, only because he’s a strong conservative voice.

What makes it worse is that neither Fox Sports nor the NFL will own up to banning the commercial. When asked about it, a representative from Fox stated that they couldn’t accept the ad due to the rules set forth by the NFL, and when the NFL was asked about it they had said they never saw the ad so they couldn’t make a judgement on it, so who do we believe?

Well the Vice President of Communications for the NFL, Barry McCarthy, said that he believes that Daniel Defense created the ad for the sole purpose of causing controversy and that they were “looking to gain exposure for this ad,” so what does that tell you? Basically he blamed Daniel Defense for their own commercial getting banned from running, nice right?

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Jordan Hunter, Director of Marketing for Daniel Defense and the creator of the ad is a former Marine and said his service is what, in part, inspired the ad. “I made the commercial and it is based on real life,” Hunter said. “I served in the Marine Corps, I got out, I’ve got a daughter and I’ve got a family.” The actor who played the Marine in the ad is also a Marine Reservist.

“It relates to so many veterans and so many gun owners in this country,” said Hunter, and he’s right so why in the world is the NFL trying to alienate the 100 million plus gun owners in America?

Hunter said that the reason for the ad was to show support of our constitution, not to stir controversy.

It’s also worthwhile noting that Daniel Defense has several storefronts where they sell other merchandise other than firearms like clothiing and apparel, knives, and other sporting accessories, making this ban even more ridiculous.

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