Democrat Lawmaker In Jail For Beating A Woman Still Seriving In Legislature

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Massachusetts State Rep. Carlos Henriquez is behind bars for beating a woman who refused to have sex with him. He’s serving 6 months after being convicted by a jury on January 15, apparently he was dating the woman then became violent after she refused sex, however he’s continuing to serve on the state legislature while there.

Many have demanded his resignation, including the governor and speaker of the house, but Henriquez has refused and speaks to his staff at least once a day from behind bars to discuss business.

His aide, Jessica DeSilva, said that his major concern is what is going on within his district and that he’s been reviewing budget amendments.

In order for him to be expelled the House Ethic Committee must make a recommendation to the members of the house then they have to vote on it, and apparently Henriquez appeared before the house for the first time in handcuffs.

Henriquez has appealed his conviction on the grounds that the jury was all white, prompting his lawyer to believe the verdict was reached due to discrimination.

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