HORRIFYING: Girl Held As Sex Slave By Male Relative For The Past 15 Years

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A girl who went to live with her family at the age of 12 was recently able to free herself and make her way to police.  When she got there, authorities soon discovered that the woman was psychologically, physically, and sexually abused over the past 15 years. What’s worse is that the man responsible for stealing her childhood made her help build her own sex slave dungeon.

As her name is being withheld, the now 27-year-old victim for some reason came to live with a different portion of her family at around the age of 12.  During that time, Raul Ochoa, 52 seemed to develop some pretty sick fantasies about the child.

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At one point, his wife told police, he had asked her if it was ok if he were to have sex with the girl.  When Ochoa’s wife said no, he claimed that he was “just kidding.”

The girl was homeschooled and even forced to work with Ochoa’s landscaping company whenever he needed the help.  It wasn’t soon until the man pitched an idea to the girl to build a shed they could watch movies in.

After helping the twisted man complete the task though, it turned out to be his own sex dungeon in which he tortured the girl countless times. In the shed was a single mattress where Ochoa raped the girl for the past 15 years approximately 2-3 times a week.


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It wasn’t until August of 2012 that her siblings finally talked her into fleeing from the house. As all of the other residents in the house were terrified of the man, the girl was hesitant at first, but eventually took their advice.

One day, she told Ochoa that she had to use the bathroom but instead ran from the residence to a waiting car.  That car took her to the police station where she went and talked to officers.

At first police were a little confused as to why a 27-year-old woman was referring to herself as a runaway, but did notice something was off as she was acting younger than her years.  As the interview with the psychologically stunted woman unfolded they were quick to realize the seriousness of her claims.

Contra Costa deputy district attorney Ryan Wagner stated, “Basically, her entire childhood was more or less stolen from her.”

As Wagner explained what authorities were told by the woman he said, “He convinced her it [the shack] was going to be a place to watch movies together and a place for the family to hang out, but it turned into something much worse.”

Demonstrating just one of the instances of psychological abuse she underwent, she explained that after being asked to a dance by a boy, Ochoa dragged her home, forced her to strip naked and burned her dress. The police officer who first interviewed the girl, Mitch Peixoto, conveyed, “She didn’t know that that was wrong. She spoke very matter-of-factly.”

The woman only did not leave as Ochoa threatened to harm her or himself if she ran away.  The DA also noted that she wasn’t the only one terrified of the man as, “The wife was scared to death of him.”  Both women apparently suffered extreme physical abuse at the hand of the man.

Ochoa has since been arrested and was charged with one count of forced lewd acts on a child and two counts of forcible rape as per a plea deal.  Authorities, hoping to spare the woman from testifying, thought the plea deal to be the best way to go.

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He is set to be formally sentenced to the next 22 years in prison.

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