MUST WATCH: Jon Stewart Laughs In Nancy Pelosi’s Face During Disastrous Appearance

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Recently Nancy Pelosi appeared on the “Daily Show” with Jon Stewart. The California democrat who’s known for her airheaded comments, disconnection from reality, and elitist attitude got quite the surprise when he asked her some tough questions and pointed out the realities all of us see daily to her, and she didn’t know how to take it.

It’s obvious she’s used to staying in “friendly” territory when doing interviews since throughout this one you could see her uncomfortably shifting in her chair, trying to change the subject, and avoiding questions altogether and Stewart didn’t hold back,

He started off by letting her go through the usual democrat talking points regarding the GOP after he asked her what the problem in Washington is, where she said “Right now, we have a school of thought in the House Republican caucus that is anti-government, anti-science, anti-Obama.”

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Pretty much from that point on he let her have it. His first comment was that if what she says is true the her party needs to make an even stronger case, and that leadership within it seems to be “chaotic.” He went on to say that their onerous legislation seems to “lack efficiency” to which Pelosi again tried to blame the GOP, even though the laws we’re having problems with right now were all drafted by democrats.

Stewart became irritated at this point and became even more so when he asked her why it’s been so difficult to get a working website, she replied “I don’t know,” “What do you mean you don’t know, how can you not know?” Stewart fired back, spinning around in his chair then said “Maybe I should just ask the leader of the house minority, oh wait you’re right here!”

Pelosi, obviously uncomfortable for being called out on lying then said “It’s not my responsibility, so I don’t know.”

From there Stewart laid in to what he called “foundational problems” within government, outlining greed and corruption, and blaming lobbyists for making the acquisition of contracts by smaller companies impossible. Pelosi’s response was that “It doesn’t matter,” sound familiar? That seems to be another common democrat talking point when they don’t feel like answering for their incompetence and malfeasance.

The whole interview lasted around 8 minutes and is definitely worth watching. I’m not the biggest Jon Stewart fan, but he really did a good job in this one of showing just how dishonest these politicians can be, so I say kudos to him on that.

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