Obama Responds To Being Sued By Congress

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House republicans are working on legislation that would allow them to sue president Obama for his obvious over reaching through executive actions, and apparently Obama could care less.

Tom Rice, a South Carolina democrat, has led an initiative to sue Obama with a bill called the STOP Act(don’t you just love how every bill is some sort of acronym?) which stands for Stop This Overreaching Presidency and aims to bring a lawsuit against him for his abuses of power and to prevent future unilateral action.


The bill comes on the heels of the SOTU Address where Obama outlined over a dozen executive actions he plans to take without the help or approval of congress, as well as promises of even more to come.

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Obama appeared on CNN Thursday with Jake Tapper, who asked him about the STOP Act. Tapper explained what house republicans are trying to do, saying that they “want to reign in what you’re trying to do,” adding “How do you respond to that?”

As you would imagine, Obama laughed it off and said he doesn’t think it’s “very serious,” trying to make light of the situation. He then said that every other president has used them and ” In fact, we’ve been very disciplined and sparing in terms of the executive actions that we have taken,” as if we should thank the president for such judicious discretion when deciding on how exactly he was going to usurp the power of congress rather than be upset that he’s doing it.

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He reassured Tapper that he’s working within the confines of the statute and he’s not overstepping his authority, adding that he’s not going to apologize for saying that if he can help middle class families, and those who are striving to be in the middle class then he’s going to do it.

Tapper pressed him on the issue, asking him if he actually takes it seriously, to which Obama replied “I’m not particularly worried about it,” which we all know anyways. He’s never once been worried about the laws of our nation because he knows he’s untouchable since he can pull the race card whenever he wants to get out of anything.

Personally I find it hard to believe that anything would ever come form this anyways. Even if they proceeded with it I don’t think the courts would hear it since they’ve been taken over by activist judges who also aren’t concerned with the rule of law, only their agenda.

What do you think, would you like to see the house bring a suit against him? If so, do you think anything would come of it? Comment below!

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