Eric Holder: “I Don’t Know Anything” About The IRS’s Investigative Ethics Violation

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Ted Cruz recently had Attorney General Eric Holder on his heals during a series of questions regarding an ethics violation within the IRS investigation.  During that time, Holder took to sidestepping the questions until most definitely lying when he stated, “I don’t know anything.”

The issue arose when it was discovered that a high level legal investigator–Barbara Bosserman–for the IRS scandal was actually a major contributor to Obama during both his campaigns.  As it turns out, Bosserman contributed some $7,000 to, “Obama’s political campaigns and the Democratic National Committee,” from 2004 to 2012.

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After learning of this news, Rep. Darrell Issa wrote a letter to Holder deeming Bosserman’s involvement, “highly inappropriate.”  Issa then demanded that the woman be, “immediately” removed from the investigation.

Within the same month, Sen. Ted Cruz took the reigns as Issa’s questions went unanswered and decided to question Holder himself.  Starting out his questioning, Cruz said, “I must tell you I find it astonishing that the Department of Justice appointed a major Obama donor to head this investigation, so the first question I want to ask is did you know that the lawyer in charge of this investigation was a major Obama donor? “

Eric holder of course attempted to side step the question entirely by only confronting the part of Cruz’s question that mentioned Bosserman as the lead lawyer of the investigation.  Holder explained that if anyone was leading the investigation, “I would say that the criminal division of Public Integrity section has actually got the lead.”

Cruz, entirely unenthused with Holder’s blatant refusal to answer the question, said, “General Holder, with all due respect, you did not answer the question I asked, which is did you know that this lawyer was a major Obama donor?”

Holder then claimed, “I don’t know anything about the political activities of any of the people who are involved in this investigation.”  I guess the corrupt apple doesn’t fall far from the corrupt tree—why is it when anything goes wrong in this administration they magically never knew anything about it?  They’re either all liars or incompetent—either way, they’re unfit for office.

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Cruz continues his spiel proving not only that what Bosserman did—and what Holder was most likely compliant in–was not only wrong, but against their code of ethics. Cruz, reading from the code of ethics states, “In a case where your impartiality might be questioned, you may obtain a formal opinion that the department’s interest in your participation in this matter outweighs the concern that the integrity of the department’s operation would be questioned.”

Cruz concluded his well thought out argument by saying, “a major Obama donor is playing this leadership role has resulted in the integrity of the department being questioned.”

In one last stunning question he asks, “Is it your position that out of the 117,000 employees at the Department of Justice the only lawyer available to head this investigation was a major Obama donor?”

Of course Holder being the slithery snake that he is tries his best to get away again, this time confronting the inaccuracies of the number of employees in the DOJ that Cruz mentioned.  Knowing that he wasn’t going to get away without answering the question Holder says, “the assignments were done by career people within the department to make sure that the best people with the greatest amount of experience would handle this matter.”  Funny there was no mention of the analysis of those potentially in violation of the code of ethics before selection.

I don’t understand why they can’t see anything wrong with the way this administration investigates themselves—that is without looking at the obvious reason of why they do it.  These investigations, in no way, will ever bear positively incriminating results when the Obama administration investigates itself.

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Of course that’s their point—to be able to commit these illegal acts and go unchecked.  They just play out the clock until people get bored of asking the same questions.

What do you think of Holder and the deception he spews? How about the fact that a major Obama donor is investigating Obama—are you surprised? Let us know in a comment below!

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