Republican Congressman Calls Rachel Maddow “Obama’s Cheerleader” [VIDEO]

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Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R- KS) appeared on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” to discuss the State of the Union Address and it became rather interesting when he called Maddow “Obama’s Cheerleader.”

The interview started out discussing Benghazi where she, in a cowardly manner, try to play “got ya” with Huelskamp and call him out for a satirical tweet that he posted after the address, that said “Was there a diplomat in Benghazi that gave his life for his country, Mr. President?” Obviously the tweet was meant as a dig at the president, who failed to even utter the word Benghazi throughout his whole speech however Maddow thought she would be clever and spin it for her low-information viewers and asked him if he’s denying someone died there.

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Huelskamp fired back, saying “DO-YOU-KNOW what happened in Benghazi?” in an irritated tone, then went on to explain how both Obama and “your Hillary Clinton” refuse to come clean about it, then explaining how both their incompetence led to the 4 deaths when they failed to provide adequate security for the consulate.

Knowing she was caught trying to spin his words, and having no rebuttal whatsoever Maddow again asked if he was denying that someone “gave his life” in Benghazi. But Huelskamp persisted saying “Rachel, you know we’re looking for answers” and explained that Obama and Hillary are hiding the truth.

At this point you could see the irritation on Maddow’s face since her attempt at yellow journalism was failing miserably, so she turned to attacking the representative himself, asking if he voted to cut funding to the consulate to which he replied no.

So she asked the same question in a different way, to which he replied and stated that they’re trying to find out the truth of the matter. You could see his frustration growing as he said “if you would stop being a cheerleader for the administration and be a journalist, you’d realize we’re not getting those answers.”

Apparently turnabout isn’t fair play with Maddow, who instantly became irritated and said “Did you just call me a cheerleader?” in a stern voice. However if she had kept it clean with him I’m sure he would have given her the same respect, but what can we expect from someone who prides themselves on reporting lies and spinning the truth to fit an agenda, which seems to be the mantra at MSNBC.

The rest of the video talks about a separate tweet the representative posted, which talks about Obama’s “dictates” and she pulls the same routing, trying to catch him in a “got ya” moment but fails miserably once again.

Maddow has a flare for the controversial, constantly attacking conservatives and Fox News on her show and inciting hatred amongst her viewers. Her show is nothing more than a left wing propaganda outlet with opinions and lies overshadowing any ounce of truth that ever appears there, if it ever does. She shouldn’t be surprised when someone actually calls her out for her blind following of a party, and a man, that’s done more to harm this nation, more to set back minorities, and more to hurt women than they have to help any one of those groups. Then again, someone like her isn’t about to let facts get in the way of a good temper tantrum, which is all she ever throws.

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