MSNBC Apologizes For Tweet Claiming Right Wing Will “Hate” Biracial Couple

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After Reince Priebus called for an all out boycott of MSNBC by the republican party and forbid anybody who worked for the Repblican National Committee from appearing on the network, the network took notice.

Priebus was outraged, and with good reason.

Last night someone from the network tweeted about an ad for a Cheerios commercial that featured a bi-racial couple which said “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go aww.” This provoked Priebus to send a stern letter to the network, calling them out for the constant bashing of conservatives across the country.

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The letter said;

Sadly, such petty and demeaning attacks have become a pattern at your network. With increasing frequency your hosts have personally denigrated and demeaned Americans- especially conservative and Republican Americans- without even attempting to further meaningful political dialogue.

While I personally enjoy appearing on decent shows like “Morning Joe” and “Daily Rundown”, the entire network is poisoned because of this pattern of behavior.

Until you personally and publicly apologize for this behavior, I have banned all RNC staff from appearing on, associating with, or booking and RNC surrogates on MSNBC. I have asked Republican surrogates and officials to follow my lead.”

Pretty harsh words if you ask me, apparently harsh enough to get MSNBC to reply as well.

Host of “The Cycle” Ari Melber read this statement on the air this afternoon;

“The tweet last night was outrageous and unacceptable. We immediately acknowledged it was offensive and wrong, apologized and deleted it. We have dismissed the person responsible for the tweet. I personally apologize to Mr. Priebus and to everyone offended. At MSNBC, we believe in passionate, strong debate about the issues, and we invite voices from all sides to participate. That will never change. Signed, Phil Griffin.”

While I don’t think this will actually mean an end to the hateful and inflammatory rhetoric from MSNBC, at least they’ve finally acknowledged that someone in their network has gone too far. Next on the list should be the outspoken and obnoxious Rachel Maddow and her colleague, Mr. Chris “I have a tingle in my leg” Matthews whose man-crush on Obama is rivaled only by Brad Pitt’s cult following.

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