[VIDEO] Teacher Caught In The Middle Of Student Fight, Other Students Do NOTHING To Help

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A video that a teenage boy at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, Florida captured with his cell phone shows a violent fight between 2 students and a teacher caught helplessly in the middle of it while other students looked on and did nothing.

The video starts out with the white female teacher standing in between the 2 black students who are exchanging words and preparing for a fight while their classmates provoke them. As tensions rise you can see other students clear out an area for the 2 girls to go at it, still encouraging the fight to happen rather than calming the girls down.


Throughout the video you can see the girls pulling the others hair, kicking, and punching each other while everyone looks on. The teacher was left with no choice but to try and intervene since it was obvious the other students wanted to see a fight between the two. At one point a male student is seen saying “that’s what happens at Gibbs”. At the end of the clip you can see student finally step in to help the teacher break up the fight after they had apparently had enough.

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Melanie Marquez Parra said that at some point the teacher called for help but wasn’t sure when, and she said that an administrator and two campus monitors came to the teachers aid but police were never called.

Apparently the 2 girls in the fight as well as the boy who filmed it are going to be punished which could mean suspension, school reassignment or expulsion depending on how far the administrators would like to take it.


The school has struggled with a poor reputation due to the number of fights that have broken out in the past, and the school board members believe that this incident will only serve to further damage the reputation they have been working hard to rebuild. Last year the school issued 76 out-of-school suspensions which was more than any other school in the county and also the highest rate, with 20.5% of their students receiving at least one day of external suspension. However officials said that this year the rate of arrest is lower, with only 13 so far this year as opposed to 23 last year at the same time.

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