VIDEO: Did You Know JFK Died This Morning? These People Thought He REALLY Did!

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In what can only make you facepalm—if you don’t know what that is, go look it up, although it’s pretty self-explanatory—a reporter took to the streets to harass some local residents.  During the course of his “interview” he asked passersby what they thought about President John F Kennedy having passed away this morning.  Sadly, a lot of people he got in front of the camera, believed him.

Mark Dice is a man that sets out in effort to cause political mayhem.  His real intentions however are to demonstrate how well informed the public are despite their ease to offer advice.  His newest example is no exception.

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Dice starts out by saying that JFK died this morning from a heart attack but quickly changes his story explaining he died after being hit by a car.  Many of the people actually take to sympathizing for the fictitious passing of the former President.

Dice even threw in another false tidbit of information saying JFK gave the “I had a dream speech,” but THAT didn’t even throw his victims for a loop.

In what can only go to show the state of our public education system, one interviewee explains that he remembers learning about JFK in history class—a lot of good that did—but falls for the joke nonetheless.

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Another of the prank-ees even brought up the fact that JFK’s being hit by a car could have been the result of an assassination attempt but she expresses her doubts.  Dice gives the woman one more chance to redeem herself by asking, “So, Kennedy was not assassinated?”  Unfortunately the clueless woman did not rise to the occasion, and confirmed that she believed he did not.


One man, who wore his hair in a ponytail with his shirt unbuttoned, attempted to express that in a time where politics weigh heavy on the minds of Americans, the death of JFK is a tragedy.  Of course as he rambled on trying to seem more intellectually prone than he actually was, he only fought harder to prove otherwise.

But this is a real problem in America.  Many American’s fall victim to believing what they see or read without thinking for themselves.  One woman happened to catch Dice’s intentional fib where she confronted him with the facts.  Dice could only stand there and say, “Thank you for not being a zombie.”

All too often are mindless people intentionally influenced to what the media would like them to believe—and as millions tune into the trash aired on MSNBC and CNN, we know where that leads to.  Instead of bowing down lest we be deemed a racist or intolerant, people shouldn’t be afraid to make up their own minds—but they are.

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And I guess that’s just the society we live in.  Until the day comes where the sheep wake up, we continue to march on.

What do you think—is this a problem in America, or did Dice just happen to interview a lucky few? Let us know in a comment below!

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