Connecticut Gun Owners Refuse To Comply With Registration

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Connecticut recently passed a law banning the sale of high capacity magazines and requiring gun owners to register them if they already owned them. This was done as a ‘safety’ measure in the wake of Sandy Hook due to the loud cries of anti-gun hoplophobes who feel that more gun control and assaults against legal gun owners is actually effective at reducing violence, even though data shows the exact opposite to be true.

Well the residents in the state have quietly revolted against this unconstitutional law and refused to register their magazines and their weapons, and rightfully so. Federal law prohibits the creation of records or databases for people simply for owning a firearm and most people refuse to be put on a list and treated like a sex offender or felon for exercising their constitutional rights.

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A 2011 study by the Office of Legislative Research found that there has been some 2.4 million “high capacity” magazines(which are actually standard capacity for defense rifles) sold in the state at the retail level, this doesn’t include magazines purchased from private individuals or at gun shows either which would make that number considerably higher. Of those 2.4 million magazines, only 38,290 had been registered with the state, and that was weeks after the deadline that was imposed for it. That means that only 1.6% of all the magazines they know about were actually registered, I’d call that an abysmal failure personally.

It gets better too, the law also requires anybody who owns an “assault rifle” to register it along with the “high capacity magazines”.

Now anybody who’s a Second Amendment supporter or knows anything about guns knows that an “assault rifle” doesn’t exist. It’s actually a term made up for the sole purpose of scaring the ignorant into wanting to ban them, because the truth is that an “assault rifle” doesn’t function any differently than any other semi-automatic rifle does nor are they any more powerful than a hunting rifle, both of which the media and anti-gun lawmakers would have us believe.

But I digress.

The same study on the number of magazines found there to be some 370,000 defense rifles in the state in 2011, which isn’t surprising due to the popularity of them amongst gun owners. Now of those 370,000 only 16% of them, or 50,000 were actually registered as required, what does that tell you?

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It looks like the people of Connecticut aren’t ready to roll over and submit to the power of the police state just quite yet, doesn’t it. Which I can’t blame them, they haven’t done anything wrong yet the lawmakers in the state want to go after them as if each one was responsible for Sandy Hook and it’s just plain wrong.

Even if there had been registration of firearms when Sandy Hook happened it wouldn’t have mattered, Adam Lanza KILLED his mother then stole her gun, would it have mattered in the slightest if the state knew she had it or not? No way, and anybody who believes otherwise is either willfully ignorant or too stupid to reason with. There’s only one reason for registration as far as I’m concerned, and that’s confiscation at a later date, because the government knowing who does and who doesn’t own a particular gun matters not when it comes to the prevention of crime.

I’m personally glad this is happening and I hope it happens in every state that tries something similar so that lawmakers realize that if they try to infringe even further on our natural rights they’re opening up a box of trouble they don’t even want.

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