PJ O’Rourke: Compulsory Schooling Is A Violation Of Rights

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Libertarian PJ O’Rourke sat down in an interview with the Daily Caller recently and had some interesting things to say about the public school system as a whole, one of which is that he believes being forced to go to school is a violation of our rights.

The reporter asks him what public schools would look like if he were in charge, he then went on to explain that he would just “stay out of it” and that “compulsory schooling is a violation of my libertarian creed.”

As the interview progressed, he explained how he actually believes that it was the baby boomers taking over the education system that led to the school systems failing, saying that he doesn’t think we can entrust his generation with the public schools and that things started to go downhill once they took over and started forcing their ideas into them.

He also believes that by nationalizing schools bureaucrats are basically admitting that there’s parts of the nation where people are “just too dumb” to figure out what to teach their kids, and he doesn’t recall prior generations being large groups of idiots. He made the point that the computer chip, the automobile and many other things were invented without a nationalized school system.

He argues that people were better educated and more well behaved when the curriculums were left up to local officials rather than nationalized, mocking the “sensitivity” that’s taught in schools now but reaffirming that students do have to learn to read and write, however he would do away with the nationalized schools.

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Tell me what you think, should we do away with nationalized education?

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