VIDEO: Terrifying Moment Skydiver Is Knocked Unconscious 12,500 Feet In The Air

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A man is thanking his lucky stars—or at least skilled fellow skydivers—today after he survived a fall from 12,500 feet in the air.  During the jump, the man was struck on the back of the head knocking him unconscious sending him helplessly plummeting to the ground.  Lucky for him some of the other divers accompanying him noticed his dilemma, came to his rescue and deployed his chute.

25-year-old James Lee is an experienced skydiver to say the least.  Embarking on his 1,050th jump the adrenaline junkie was just going about his normal business, until the jump that is.  As he went up with a group of 12 divers, they simultaneously jumped out of the plane in two waves.  Lee was in the first wave and the second wave came out just moments later.


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As one of the divers from the second wave exited the plane, Lee explains he, “came out unstable and went into a spin.”  In the confusion where the diver attempted to regain control of his decent, he accidentally smacked into the back of Lee’s head rendering him unconscious.

Lee began his own out-of-control free fall and it wasn’t long before some of his fellow divers noticed something was wrong.  Lee explains, “They chased after me and fortunately I roll into a more stable position – still quickly drifting in the sky.”  He went on to say that, “At first the other skydivers give basic hand signals that we teach our students to correct their body position and find I am still not responding.”


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Now that the instructors knew that Lee was helplessly unconscious, they decided to deploy his chute for him.  Lee coveys, “They signal to the other jumpers to get away as they were unaware of what was happening. They then deploy my main parachute. Once I was clear they deployed their own.”

After floating for a bit, Lee apparently regained consciousness and took control of his decent once again.  Although he insists that he has no recollection of the events that transpired he claims that he is thankful for the quick thinking of his team, and that it in no way will deter him from skydiving in the future.


He gratefully stated, “I am very glad that everything unfolded how it did.”

He told reporters that once he had landed, he was taken to a hospital where he was treated for a head injury.  Soon after however, he was medically cleared to go and promptly discharged.

Lee further more explained, “This is not something you are taught to do or practice for as it is very uncommon.”  He then jokingly concluded that, “I think my mum and girlfriend are more relieved than I am.”


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