Glenn Beck Gives Scathing Review Of SOTU Address

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Glenn Beck has been an outspoken critic of President Obama from the start, his criticisms have ranged from Obamacare to various other policy issues and after last night’s State of the Union Address he’s on fire. His comments come after Obama delivered an excruciatingly painful speech last night that did everything but talk about the state of our nation.

In his radio show today he started out expressing his discontent, saying he has a heavy heart because of the “circus spectacle” he watched on television last night. He called Obama’s speech “sick” and “despicable”, something that was “far beneath” America and her people. He was disgusted at the people who lined the aisle to “kiss Caesar and his ring” as Obama walked by and said he couldn’t take the human props the President, and the GOP used to “sell the wares.”

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He added that he thinks every politician in DC today is some sort of sociopath, saying the evidence was in the president mocking the millions of people negatively affected by Obamacare and the tens of millions who are going to be affected.

Beck believes that every American should “document” that this was the first SOTU Address where a president openly declared he was going to become the first dictator of America, saying that it began with Woodrow Wilson.

What he believes to be even worse is that half of congress gave a standing ovation every time Obama said he was going to subvert them and act on his own. He believes they’re all “lemmings” who about to lose their power and are cheering Obama on like the “Roman Senate and Caesar.” He added that the framers of our nation set up a system of checks and balances because they knew of the potential evil and selfishness in man’s heart, so that each branch would recognize it and stop power grabs from happening.

Beck went on to point out the contradictions within Obama’s speeches, not just last night’s but throughout his presidency. His major complaint was that Obama wants to talk about America being the land of opportunity, then in the next sentence talks about building a “ladder” to the middle class, pointing out that doing so is in direct contradiction with his common narrative that the son of a single mom grew up to become president. Beck’s frustrated that nobody ever challenges those statements, why nobody ever asks him how he was able to climb out of poverty and make it to the most powerful position on earth, and the “highest class” in America. “You’re more wealthy and more powerful than I’ll ever be,” he said.

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“Last night the president again looked us in the eye, he looked Congress in the eye, and he begged them to give the unemployed ‘a fair shot,’” Beck reflected, then asked how 2 years worth of benefits isn’t giving them a fair shot. “Mr. President, what would be a fair shot? 199 weeks? 1,999 weeks? 19,000 weeks? What’s a fair shot, Mr. President?” he said in an angered tone.

From there he went on to criticize the president’s “equal pay for equal work” argument, saying how “sick” he is of it and that nobody in America looks at a woman and says they’re going to pay them half of what their male counterparts make just because they’re a woman. “Is there anyone that says, ‘Oh, you know what? She’s one of them dames. Let’s pay her half.’ There’s nobody that thinks that way!”

Obama last night said that climate change is “settled science” and that the “argument is over”, and Beck disagrees. He feels that Obama’s comments were only intended to silence anyone who disagrees with him, then explained that  “There are far too many variables, too many things that change, too many things we just don’t know, too many things all these so-called scientists have gotten wrong … That seems to open the debate back up that man-made global warming is a massive hoax.”

Beck closed his statement by telling his view of the state that our nation is in, he said “Not according to the president, his party, or the Republicans … not those who lied, passed blame to everyone else, but just according to a man, a man like any other man,” adding he believes the state of our union is “sorry”, and it needs to be reconnected with reality because it’s upside down. He then said that if you’re a “lying politician or well connected crony” that things have never been better, but for the rest of us they’re as dismal as can be.

His final question to the audience was whether or not they’re going to allow Obama and his “elitist friends, allies and union thugs” or the republicans and their “thug allies” reshape America, something I think we all need to stop and ask ourselves.

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