Exorcist Performs Rituals Via Skype

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Bob Larson is an evangelical preacher who’s performed over 20,000 exorcists in his life. It’s safe to say that when it comes to evil and the possessed he’s probably seen it all.

He’s done thousands of traditional exorcisms but has turned to technology as a means to help those he can’t easily access. He uses Skype, and performs his exorcisms just like he would if they were there in person, only they’re not.

In the video shown, he talks about exorcisms and how they’re real and it shows different ‘patients’ he’s performed them to. It shows him with a cross in one hand and a bible in the other, trying to cast away the demons and help the possessed.

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He claims that exorcisms are real, saying that “In simple terms, an exorcism is the process of expelling an evil spirit from an individual who has become somehow invaded or demonized or possessed by that being — and sending it back to hell and freeing the person.”

The end of the video shows Larson performing an exorcism via Skype to a Norwegian man who’s apparently possessed by four different demons who all manifest themselves at different times. After an hour long Skype session where he performs his ritual to the monitor and camera, he’s able to free the possessed man who then allows the CNN crew to interview him.

An exorcism is when demons are cast from a person they possess, usually through some sort of ritual commanding it to leave the body or forcing it to swear some sort of oath to leave the person alone. They were once very popular prior to the 18th century as a means to try to cure many different psychiatric problems that weren’t understood such as hysteria, mania, disassociative identity disorder, and tourettes to name a few but dropped off until around the mid-20th century  when a media spike brought them back into the eyes of the public.

Nobody really knows if they’re effective or not, and some would say that those who claim to be possessed by demons are really just crying out for attention. However there are many documented cases of exorcisms actually working and people showing true signs of being possessed, so I guess it’s a debate that will continue on between the religious and non-religious people in the world.

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