FUNNY: Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” Interviews People who Saw The SOTU, BEFORE It Happened [VIDEO]

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Nobody like to not know what they’re talking about, I mean let’s face it we all want to be an expert on something and have others listen to what we have to say, especially if it’s going to be on television.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel knows this all too well and has a segment on his show called “Lie Witness News”, which goes around to the general public in Los Angeles and asks them questions about things to catch them in a lie. Yesterday he sent his crew out to see just how many people had watched Obama’s State of the Union Address, and what they caught was absolutely hilarious.


To start out, they had simply asked people if they had watched the speech to see how they reacted, and many people took the bait, some said they saw it and others said they missed it altogether.

Then they started asking more specific questions like “did you see the presidents tie?” and “what did you think of Biden?”, they even asked one man who lied more the previous night, him or Obama.Not surprisingly many of the people were Obama supporters and more than likely wanted to be seen as someone who follows him closely so they don’t have to explain away their ignorance.


The replies were hilarious and this is definitely worth the 5 minutes to watch if you want a good laugh, especially if you like to have it at the expense of California liberals.

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