VIDEO: Former Navy Seal DESTROYS Islam And Obama, Drops Quran On Floor

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Although the government would love for us to believe that Al Qaeda is on the run and American, in fact, isn’t at war with Islam, the facts seem to demonstrate otherwise.  A former Navy Seal took to speak about just that when he delivered a scathing speech against the “religion of peace,” and even desecrated the religion by dropping the Quran on the ground.

On January 19th at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith shared his thoughts with likeminded people just what he thought about Muslims.  Of course having fought countless numbers of them—as the enemy—it goes without saying that he had a few, harsher, words about them.

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He starts out his speech by saying there is a “cold-civil war” that many Americans are unaware of. He describes that the United States stands threatened with other, less-free, forms of government such as communism and socialism, as well as religions that wish to see us perish.


He claims that these threats are not only real, but lurk within the shadows—some even within the White House– attempting to pervert America into the nation they wish it to be.

The best part about his speech is that he included Obama in it and his anti-American views and seemingly pro-Islamic leanings.  He asks why Obama finds the need to bow to Arab royalty and suggests it has something to do with two most “holy” mosques in the world located in their countries.

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He continues to question why we would shell out millions of dollars to Muslims that in, another current war, are viewed as the enemy.  Explaining that there is no reason that we should give even one penny to a nation or organization that spouts “death to America,” the Seal shows just what he thinks of the “religion of peace.”

In a brazen attempt, Smith blatantly dropped the Quran on the floor in an extremely intentionally and transparent form of disrespect.  The whole audience then erupted in cheers and cries of admiration.

According to the Quran, it must then be burnt or buried as a final sign of respect to Allah—but unfortunately for Allah, Smith had no such intentions and surely brought it with him to do the same at his next speech further disrespecting the religion.

Smith goes on to suggest that Jihad is similar to the teachings of Mein Kampf. He explains that each word translates to the word struggle in their own respective languages, and that in all reality, Jihad would like similar to what Hilter attempted.

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Of course Liberals would just say we’re being intolerant and Muslims—no surprise here—would damn us to hell for speaking in such a way.

What do you think—does Islam present a real threat to America and her values, or do we trust the government when they tell us we’re not at war with Islam? Let us know in a comment below!

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