RINOs Backtrack On Immigration, Push To Allow Amnesty

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According to estimates there’s some 11 million illegals in America, and in the past few years we’ve seen a push from congressional democrats to enact immigration reform that would include amnesty for them, something most conservatives disagree with. Well according to aides within congress that have seen copies of the republican statement of principles, the republicans are looking to provide a path to being legal for many of the immigrants we have, although they claim it doesn’t include citizenship unless it’s for the children of the illegals here.

According to leading conservative strategists, the plans will be revealed after this year’s midterms so that they don’t disrupt the elections and cost the party any seats in congress because of it, something that would surely happen if it were unveiled now since most of the conservative base sees granting citizenship as rewarding lawbreakers.

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Bill Kristol from the Weekly Standard thinks that republicans have momentum coming into these elections due to the terrible polling democrats are seeing, but also thinks that this issue would destroy their hopes of having a strong year.

The headline for his article read “Don’t Do It,” and was aimed at John Boehner, the Speaker of the House. It went on to say that they’ve been dealt a winning hand and the last thing they need is infighting before the election.

Republicans have in fact watched their own poll numbers tank from Latinos, however, and many believe that immigration is the reason for it. It’s being speculated that this reversal on policy is intended to reel those voters back in so they stand a better chance at winning the 2016 presidential election.

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Within the statement of principles is criticism for allowing immigrants into the nation but denying them citizenship, wasting money and resources to train them and then lose their talents to their home nations. republicans have long demanded that current immigration laws be enforced prior to even considering a path to citizenship, but their statement add that there must be some sort of trigger to ensure secure borders to avoid a flood of new illegals looking to call America home.

It’s being said that the document is only to test the waters and see how the party will react to the new initiatives, and party leaders have told several pro-immigration groups not to hold their breath that it’s going to be a significant shift in beliefs until after they’ve been able to discuss it.

Eric Cantor, the popular republican, said that “One of the great founding principles of our country is that children would not be punished for the actions of their parents,” which is why the principles include a path to citizenship for the children that were brought here illegally by their parents. He believes it’s only right to provide those children with the opportunity to be Americans since their being here is no fault of their own.

The republican party leaders, or establishment republicans, strongly believe that in order to repair their relationship with Latino voters they must change their position on immigration reform, however they believe it can wait until after the midterms since typically Latino voters don’t show up and vote in them and they don’t want to lose votes from their conservative base, who would certainly not be on board with any type of amnesty at all.

Allowing some 11 million immigrants to become legal and take up jobs would only hurt the financial future of Americans who are already struggling in this economy. Jobs would be taken, resources used, and Americans displaced as we made room for them. It’s nice to know the republican leaders care more about their political asiprations than they do representing their base, who wouldn’t go for any of this, at all.

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