The Pope Set To Be On Rolling Stone Magazine’s Cover As He Breaks “From Vatican Tradition”

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Pope Francis is becoming known as an “outside the box” thinker when it comes to dealing with the public. What better way to demonstrate that than put your face on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine?

Having a little fun with the Pope who now lives in Italy they titled his photo, “The times they are a-changin.”  Of course this goes a littler deeper than a man with a Mario accent, shedding light onto the Pope’s more “progressive” ideals.

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He can be seen dressed in all white waving to the camera in the photo that was taken by the magazine’s contributing editor Mark Binelli.

Binelli, who explained that he personally took a trip to the Vatican in order to see the prestigious and glorified man, said that Pope Francis seemed to convey a more “all-inclusive” approach with the congregation compared to his predecessors.  He said that even as admirers stood in the plaza surely to fall victim to the oncoming storm, the Pope expressed that he wished he was with them.


Of course not everyone is so happy with the 77-year-old religious figure right now.  Animal activists are biting at his ankles for the recent “inhumane” release of doves during the Vatican’s traditional Caravan of Peace event.

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In effort to show support for protesters in Ukraine and to urge for a more peaceful resolution between citizen and government, the pope released—or had two children release—doves as a sign of peace.  During that time the doves hopelessly fluttered around until they were attacked by larger, waiting birds of prey.


One seagull and one crow attacked each of the innocent doves on the way down, pecking at them relentlessly and even tearing out feathers.  The birds eventually got away unharmed, but the Pope is apparently in the crosshairs of animal activists because of it nonetheless.

The animal protection agency–or ENPA—told the Pope, “Do not use animals and their lives anymore, for these already outdated traditions,” and express that by doing so condemns the animals, “to certain death.”

The ENPA went on to explain that, “Animals born in captivity, not being wild animals, aren’t able to recognize predators as such and are thus incapable of fleeing from possible dangerous situations,” and added that they were beginning to collect signatures in protest of the practice.


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It seems that someone’s always got a problem with something.

What do you think—is this really a big deal since the birds appeared to get away unharmed, or should the Vatican put an end to such inhuman practices? Let us know in a comment below!

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