University Of Michigan Complies With Demands Of Black Students That Threatened “Physical Violence”

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PC soldiers were working long and hard over the past week to see what they could do for the black rights group that listed demands and promised violence if they weren’t delivered.  During such time the University of Michigan has bowed down to their demands and promised them a $300,000 multicultural center.

Just over a week ago, on Martin Luther King Day, several black rights activists of the group Black Student Union took to a public area on campus to spew their demands.  Amongst other things, the group demanded that the oppressed black population be given new cheaper housing, discounted tuition, a more dense black presence of students, and of course, their multicultural center on campus.

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The group made the outrageous threat that if their demands weren’t met in one week, they would be forced to exert physical violence—though they didn’t describe what that entailed.

Since then, the Black Student Union sat down with University of Michigan officials and hashed out an agreement where the university would provide $300,000 worth of renovations to an existing building in effort to compromise.


UM Provost Martha Pollack wrote in an email, “Michigan has a proud history of fighting for social justice, including taking the fight to promote diversity all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  We must honor that legacy and push ourselves to take the lead on issues of equity and diversity along all dimensions, setting the example for public institutions across the country.”

This is bad on so many levels for the University of Michigan.  Thinking that they had to comply with demands promised with threats for non-compliance can only promote more of the same behavior.  It will only be a matter of time before another group makes demands of their own.

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Let’s just say for an instance that it is a white group—will their demands be met, or do the university’s actions only go skin deep? Surely they wouldn’t be able to afford all the demands of everyone on campus if this were to become a habit.


If this isn’t the case, it may be within the school’s future to be slapped with a lawsuit for complying with the outrageous demands of the black population because of “affirmative action” while ignores those of the white community.

A Libertarian group within the school has even taken to proving just that. Derek Magill, president of UM’s Young Americans for Liberty explains, “There’s a bit of a hypocrisy being played out in Provost Pollacks letter and, more broadly, the policies of the administration.”

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He furthermore conveyed, “As students at the University of Michigan, we have become keenly aware that there is a general under representation of libertarian and conservative views on campus. Nearly every course we have taken has been taught from a liberal perspective by a liberal professor. … If all schools of thought are not more equally represented, many students may never encounter them.”

Of course the school is denying that this has anything to do with race but others just aren’t seeing it that way.  What do you think—is the University of Michigan opening itself up to future problems? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below!

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