Mark Levin TEARS Into Obama, Calls Him “One Man Wrecking Ball” [VIDEO]

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Yesterday, radio show host Mark Levin, who’s known for his stern attitude and often fills in for Rush Limbaugh on his program, rips into Obama’s policies in a roughly 3 minute monologue, and he’s spot on with it.

The segment starts out with him talking about creating more poverty, more economic misery, more economic dislocation, and more crushing debt than any president in modern history has. He listed off some liberal favorites such as Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover as others who have done the same.

He then went on to say how Obama has set back the economic progress of women and minorities, and destroyed economic opportunity for America’s youth because he’s “embraced the most radical form of economics,” saying his economic policies won’t work and they’re absolutely impossible. He’s of course speaking about Obama embracing the “share the wealth” mentality and adopting policies that take money from the people who work to provide services and support for those who don’t, attacking the wealthy every opportunity he gets, and forcing the liberal economic ideology on all of America.

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He said it’s because of these policies that misery and destitution is being spread around rather than happiness, and that poverty is increasing across America.

“This isn’t the America we were born into,” he explains before blaming Obama’s own incompetence for the frustrations he has and saying that he’s dividing the nation because of them. He said that we’re being divided based on religion, age, income, race, and anything Obama can use to divide us so he can implement his agenda.

He goes on to talk about how Obama’s seizing more and more power, becoming an “imperial president”, implying that Obama is acting more like a dictator as time passes because that’s how his mind works, adding that he’s changing our system of government and our economy, and nationalizing private businesses and industries both through the front and back doors, all because he has an “imperial mind,” which is finally starting to get noticed by the American people.

As the segment comes to a close, Levin talks about the thousands of regulations the Obama administration is going to be unleashing by 2016, saying that Obama has already put the word out to his cabinet that he wants them imposed at all costs and explaining that they’re coming from the EPA, the Agricultural Department, the Department of Education, and many others, then finished by saying “he’s a one man wrecking ball.” Which if you consider his recent threats of using executive orders to enact his agenda, makes complete sense all of the way around.

One thing is for certain, without having to worry about reelection Obama has become dangerous to our nation. His progressive ideology that embraces socialist principles goes against the very fabric this nation was cut from. From his healthcare law, to gun control, to wanting punitive taxation against the rich to make things more ‘fair’ and try to cure the made up crisis of income inequality, everything he’s doing is a danger to our way of life and the things that made this nation great, the worst part is there’s actually people who support him with it.

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