VIDEO: Human Sex Trafficker Loses It In Court, Repeatedly Smashes Head On Wall

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A woman is behind bars today after she was arrested for trafficking minors for sex, although a padded room would seem more fitting.  During her court appearance on Thursday she became hysterical shouting, “I didn’t do it,” and then proceeded to repeatedly smash her head on a plexiglass wall.

According to Attorney General Martha Coakley, 38-year-old Olivia “Missy” Lara was arraigned Thursday for, “three counts of trafficking in persons under the age of 18 for sexual servitude and three counts of deriving support from a minor prostitute.”


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Apparently police started an investigation into Missy when they learned that someone was trafficking underage girls in the area for the purpose of sex in exchange for money.  Police were also informed that the trafficker would approach male patrons in a local bar where she would find potential customers.

After locating willing customers, she would arrange for them to have sex with the girls at their homes, in garages, or even in the men’s vehicles.

Police Chief Daniel S. Racine conveyed, “These allegations are egregious and disturbing. It is the law enforcement community’s primary responsibility to protect our most vulnerable population from exploitation and victimization.”

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They swiftly arrested the woman who apparently wasn’t too hard to find without any problems—until her court appearance in court that is.

Apparently throughout the proceedings, Missy became increasingly agitated as the consequences of her actions seemed to suffocate her.  She was seen uncontrollably sobbing as the judge spoke to her attorney and the DA.

As bailiff’s escorted her out of the courtroom she went into full temper-tantrum mode where she began screaming, “I didn’t do it!”  As she approached the door to exit the courtroom, she took a more drastic approach to getting her point across and began smashing her head on a nearby plexiglass wall.


As courtroom officers attempted to get the woman under control, several officials quickly cleared the courtroom.  Her—what one could only have perceived to have been—family reluctantly left the courtroom screaming as officers demanded they vacate the area.

As the person that was filming the incident was also told to leave, he got one last shot of Missy acting like a two year old lying non-compliant on the floor as officers restrained her.

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Missy is being held on $100,000 bail.

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