VIDEO: Hillary Clinton LAUGHS During Benghazi Interview

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CNN released a video that showed Hillary Clinton letting out quite the chuckle after talking about the death of Benghazi ambassador Chris Stevens.  After the clip was released, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield quickly took down the video and explained that the clip tied to segments of the interview together at an inconvenient point.

The video starts out with Hillary Clinton describing that Benghazi was her biggest regret when she was serving under the President—no doubt a form of damage control before her upcoming 2016 race.  She goes on to speak about the unfortunate, death of Chris Stevens that could have been prevented when the clip transfers to Hillary laughing.

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In what appears to be the result of poor video editing, CNN released the clip that appeared to show Hillary Clinton laughing while talking about Benghazi.

Needless to say, several Americans were outraged at what the clip seemed to portray but CNN and the anchor were quick to come to the woman’s aid.


The liberal news group—trying not to add to Hillary’s already disgusting personality that is unfit for office—scattered to take down the video and come out with another segment explaining their error.

As it turns out, they placed the Benghazi clip right in front of a clip where she was laughing after being asked what her intentions were for 2016.

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Banfield said, “I want to be real clear here, those were two separate sound bites that we tried to get to as quickly as possible…One of them was about Benghazi and another that was completely separate and a different time, was about her thoughts about 2016.”

We wouldn’t want to hinder the potential to have the first female in office, now would we?

All in the name of tolerance I suppose (after all, we’ve all seen how well the first black President did).

Let us know what you think of Hillary Clinton and CNN’s blunder in a comment below!

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