Obama Activating FEMA Camps Across The Country

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There has been much speculation when it comes to the secret acts of FEMA and whether or not they are preparing for total American control.  Although many have brushed it off as conspiracy theory, it appears as if the government is slowly beginning to activate several of these FEMA camps the government denies even exists.

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According to new law, several major cities are claiming that they want to clean up the streets.  In doing so, they aim at getting rid of the homeless in several extremely busy cities.  The laws have made it literally illegal to be homeless despite your efforts.


In cities such as Washington D.C., Boston, and San Francisco, politicians explain that in effort to make areas more enjoyable to live in and appear more attractive, they are shuffling off the unsightly homeless people to locations just outside the major cities.  The homeless have since been rounded up, arrested and given the choice or either jail, or a FEMA camp.

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Of course, as most anyone would do, they opt for a “240-bed, 24-hour shelter,” rather than jail.  After all, a camp that explains that they’re there to help those in need sounds much friendlier, doesn’t it?


Too bad when they get there they are forced into a fence area with barbed wire on top—pointed inward for some reason—where they are forced to stay.  Officials claim that they do not want the homeless returning and, once again, staying in the city, so they are only allowed to leave by scheduling a FEMA shuttle to their desired location.

They are carefully watched and made sure to return to the camps—a place that seems a bit more like prison than previously explained.  But what else are they going to do?


Now for some reason the government has made several bold-faced lies that these FEMA camps do not exist.  They have on occasion contradicted themselves by saying they were placed in strategic places in anticipation for a natural disaster, but this explanation is weak at best.

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Yet somehow, local governments have taken to accessing them without resistance and using them to incarcerate those they deem an inconvenience.


In all reality, it is just the beginning.  Obama is activating these non-existent FEMA camps and either giving them a practice run, or preparing for something a bit more drastic.  There is a lot of speculation saying that Obama is preparing for a government induced crisis that will surely lead to government collapse and a militant state.  Wouldn’t it be a coinkydink to have these FEMA camps set in place—and operational mind you—in the “unexpected” circumstance that something like this would arise?

homeless fema

After all, the government would need a place to “house” those that are deemed a threat to government progress.  There is no room for treasonous patriots to interfere with their agenda, and those perceived that way would coincidentally have a place to be contained.

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So what do you think—is this really just an attempt to clean up large cities or is Obama preparing his plan for the American people?

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