Fox News’ Chris Wallace DESTROYS Obama Adviser [VIDEO]

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Chris Wallace is a hard hitting anchor for the Fox News network that hosts “Fox News Sunday”. He’s known for his hard line questioning and no-nonsense attitude, and not letting his guests skate around questions he wants the answers to.

Well this past Sunday he had on his show Dan Phifer, an Obama Senior Advisor who regurgitates the tired talking points of the administration. In this segment, Wallace corners him and asks why the president is even discussing income inequality when the economy is such a mess, citing various statistics and making a case for Obama’s policies being the cause of income inequality rather than the solution.


He starts out saying that there’s experts out there who would say that Obama’s weak economic recovery is the cause for the income inequality, that poverty is up, median household income is down, and the labor force ans decreased in size all since Obama took office. He then asks “wouldn’t a more robust economy and recovery solve some of the problems the president is talking about?”

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Phifer quickly fired back, blaming Bush and ignoring the fact that Obama is in his second term when he said “Well absolutely, but I think it’s important to remember this president inherited the worst economic situation since the Great Depression.”

Wallace replied, saying the recession ended four years ago which prompted Phifer to start quoting the skewed statistics the administration uses to appeal to the low information crowd, like the 6.7% unemployment rate that arbitrarily decides who is and who isn’t looking for work and the 8 million “jobs” that have been created of which most are part time and low wage. He then goes on to say that we’re producing more oil than ever before but omits what the president has done to curb oil production, and he tries to claim credit for the auto industry getting back on its feet, which Obama had nothing to do with.

Wallace states again that poverty is up, household income is down, and labor force participation is down and he asks a simple question that destroys Phifer’s argument, “If things are so good, how come they’re so lousy?”

Phifer then stated Obama’s belief that Washington needs to so ‘something’, and said that if congress doesn’t act then the president will.

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