Google Acquires DeepMind Technologies For Massive Artificial Intelligence Network

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Google has been quietly building a massive network based around artificial intelligence.

Starting in the beginning of January they acquired 4 different tech companies to add to its Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, which has been working with NASA’s Ames Research Center and hosts a quantum computer from D-Wave Systems.


The companies they’ve acquired are BitSpin, which is an Android development company, NestLabs, which deals with ‘smart’ thermostats, a software company called Impermium, and an AI(artificial intelligence) company called DeepMind Technologies.

The company CEO Larry Paige is said to have brokered the latest acquisition of DeepMind himself after a previous deal the company had with Facebook fell through. Google has also agreed to establish an ethics board to ensure that the company’s artificial intelligence isn’t abused.

DeepMind describes themselves as a company that has the ability to combine the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build general purpose learning algorithms.

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