California Party Girl Ditches Life To Marry Indian Farmer She Met On Facebook

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Technology and social media have made it possible to communicate with anyone anywhere around the globe—granted that you CAN communicate with them (i.e. speak their language).  A Californian woman ended up meeting an Indian man, 16 years younger than her, through mutual friends on Facebook and decided to talk with him.  A few months later, the woman had moved halfway across the globe and married the man.

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Adriana Peral, 41, is a mother of one originally from California that explained she loved to work out and party with friends.  Knowing that it was about time she settled down, she just happened to meet Mukesh Kumar, 25, through a mutual friend on Facebook in February of 2013.


The two started to get to know each other online when Kumar decided that he had to actually speak to Peral.  During their first phone conversation, Kumar professed his love to Peral where she, like most anyone, didn’t really know what to do or if he was kidding, and laughed it off at first.

Apparently she didn’t think it was funny for too long because in August of 2013, she left her family and daughter and flew to India where she wed the man in a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony.


She explained that as she stepped off the plane, it was nerve wracking seeing Kumar for the first time. Peral said, “Some people thought Mukesh was a fake, an online scam and that he didn’t really exist. I can’t describe the moment I finally saw him at the arrivals gate at Indira Gandhi airport – it was a big relief to finally see him in person.”


She also explained that setting foot on the subcontinent, she feared she may have made a mistake. Peral, who is now Mrs. Kumar, explains that when she first saw the state of the country she noted that life seemed significantly harder and dirtier—a culture shock.


Not used to going without the luxuries that America offers, she explains that now, she lives in a, “modest farm house in Popran, a large village over 30 minutes drive from the nearest town.” She uses cow pat pies—cow dung—as fuel, has no inside toilet and her shower consists of a closet with a hole in the floor and a bucket of water.

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She explains that her family there (Kumar’s family) is extremely accepting of her, and after getting over the shock of a foreigner in town—a place that rarely sees anyone other than those of Indian decent—have grown to love her, and her them.


Her 70 year-old mother-in-law, Bimla Devi, conveys, “I am happy my son married a foreigner. She respects me. If he had married a girl from our village, she would probably not have respected me as much as Adriana does. She works all the house too, I like her a lot.”


She states that out of everything, she misses her daughter most and although she is currently residing in India and loves it there, the couple does plan to return to the United States.


The two claim to be in love, and happier than ever.  Kumar even managed to say in broken English, “I am very happy to marry with her. It is true love.”

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What do you think—was this marriage way too quick or does love just have a mind of its own? Let us know in a comment below!

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