Afghanistan Jihadists Being Released Despite U.S. Objections

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It should be no shock to hear that America is wasting millions of dollars in order to train Afghanistan soldiers and officials how to protect their country. The shock comes when you hear that the millions—if not billions—of dollars that have been spent was a complete waste.  Afghanistan authorities are set to release 88 prisoners regardless of American pleas, 40% of whom were directly involved in American or Afghanistan bloodshed.

As we attempt to pull out of the country we destabilized all those years ago, it only makes sense that we hand over more and more control back to the rightful handlers of the nation.  So hearing that the White House was giving control of Bagram prison back to Afghani officials early January—although frightening—it was a good sign showing that our boys may just be on the path to coming home.

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Of course the stubborn incompetence of the less civilized country is proving to take a bit more training—or persuasion—than previously thought.  Not even a month later, despite heavy U.S. resistance, Afghanistan is going forward with the release of 88 terrorist prisoners.  The troubling matter is, 40 % of these prisoners are sworn jihadists that have been directly responsible in the killings of Afghan and American forces.

Afghanistan’s justification for releasing these monsters? Overcrowding—a terrible excuse. What would be so wrong with opening another prison to house the ever growing population of terrorist prisoners (besides the fact that American would probably foot the bill)?

37 of 88 prisoners from Bagram are classified as “dangerous,” and as can be expected, American is urging Afghanistan officials to change their mind. Furthermore, 17 of those 37 prisoners have been directly linked to the loss of American life.

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A statement released by the U.S. military went into detail saying, “Of the 88 detainees under dispute, 40 percent have participated in direct attacks wounding or killing 57 Afghan citizens and security force members and 30 percent participated in direct attacks wounding or killing 60 US or coalition force members.”

Maybe Afghanistan is trying to prove to American that they can handle their own affairs—but (and sorry to use a Spiderman reference) with great power comes great responsibility.

The U.S. military statement explained, “This extra-judicial release of detainees is a major step backward in further developing the rule of law in Afghanistan. The ARB is releasing these individuals without referral to an investigative body or the Afghan justice system despite the fact that the US has disputed these 88 cases.”

It’s only a matter of time that these released prisoners are shooting at our troops again, and frankly it’s disgusting.  There is a responsibility to allow Afghanistan to rebuild itself after we destabilized the area, but it can only go so far.

If the country we are there to protect no longer cares for the life of Americans and disregards the suggestions of United States military, then maybe there’s no reason to be there anymore.  But as surely as these prisoners will be released, Americans will remain in harm’s way—and who do we blame when things go sideways?

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Obama?  Of course not, that would be racist.  Anyways its Bush’s fault we’re there in the first place, right?

Let us know what you think of the situation over in Afghanistan and what you think Obama SHOULD be doing about it in a comment below!

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