Bill Maher: God Is A “Psychopathic Mass Murderer”

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Bill Maher is known to be an egotistical man who claims to think for himself but spouts that his words are the real truth.  Not accepting that other adults can also think for themselves, he condemns anyone that believes in Christianity to be an ignorant moron, and after a recent interview, God to be a, “psychopathic mass murderer.”

In an interview with Scott Stossel, Maher was asked by The Atlantic if he ever worried about, “Pascal’s wager.” Pascal’s wager is the concept where humans automatically surrender themselves to hell by solely choosing not to believe in God(i.e. atheists).  Of course Maher, being the intellect that he is, claims that is the least of his worries.

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For once, I might actually side with him here.  Now, if you were to practice Christianity it should not be out of fear—especially of going to hell—but more because you want to make a change in your life.  There comes a realization that there is something out there bigger than humans, and with it comes the desire for change to better oneself.

In all reality, it comes down to the realization that there must be a bigger purpose to life than dying.

Now Maher, in a misinformed statement explains, “Of all the reasons to be religious, that is the one of the dumber ones. What if I’m wrong? If it is the God of the Old Testament, I am so f**ked already, and you and everybody else.”

Yes the God of the Old Testament was a wrathful God, and an angry God and according to the bible, rightfully so—wouldn’t you be if you loved something you created so much and it turned its back on you?

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Here’s where Maher’s logic fails–if he did his research he would know, this “God of the Old Testament,” no longer exists.  According to the Bible, from the second God sent his son to earth and died on the cross, it became a whole new playing field.

Maher then continues his clueless spiel by saying, “A more psychopathic character you will not ever find in fiction. Just the idea that people worshiped the God of this Bible is insane. There is no more psychopathic mass murderer than God, so good luck with worrying that you picked the wrong religion, you’re going to suffer for it.”

Now yes, there are things such as natural disasters and disease—heck, even take into consideration when he personally annihilated the planet with the flood—but there are reasons for everything.  Although it may not seem that way, that’s where faith is supposed to kick in.

But Maher on the other hand explains, “So you know we don’t know the answers but the answer to that is not to make up stories. If you don’t know something, just say, I don’t know. That’s your gospel right there. The gospel of ‘I don’t know.’ I combined apathy and atheist, and I came up with apatheist. I don’t know what happens when I die, and I don’t care.”

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We’ll just have to see—and unfortunately for Maher, he will care soon enough (of course by then it will be too late).

What do you guys think—is Maher right? Is God a ruthless being in the sky, or is everything on the planet just a result of evolution and time? Let us know in a comment below!

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