[VIDEO] Democrat Millionaire Congresswoman: Income Inequality Is An “Existential Threat”

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In a speech exemplifying blatant hypocrisy, democrat congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D- CT) made a statement that should make your head spin.

She was speaking about each generation of leaders and the challenges they face, saying that various crisis have posed threats to our way of lives and they required congress to act. She listed off economic panic, the Great Depression, the Jim Crow era, slavery, civil war, and the Cold War as examples of the challenges we’ve faced and overcome. All of which are good examples of actual threats this nation has faced that would have forever changed our way of life had they not been dealt with accordingly.


Unfortunately she went further with her remarks, drawing a comparison between those real threats and the latest liberal “crisis” of income inequality to support her argument that congress needs to act in order to fix the issue, saying “The test of our time is inequality, It’s not too much to say that inequality threatens the continued existence of the middle class in America and even the American Dream itself.” She added “The question before us now is: are we going to continue to be the land of opportunity, social mobility and the nation that forged the largest middle class in human history during the 20th century, or are we going to become a nation of very few haves and millions of have-nots?”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, she’s listed among the richest politicians with a net worth of roughly $20 million. She isn’t going to be affected by the disastrous policies that are bound to come from this non-existent threat, yet here she is pushing the issue for her dear leader.

Nice to know where their priorities are in an election year, anyone up for some free cheese?

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