Rand Paul Says Bill Clinton Is A Sexual Predator [VIDEO]

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In an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, Rand Paul had some harsh criticisms of former president Bill Clinton and the implications of his actions on a potential Hillary run in 2016.

The segment starts with the host, David Gregory, showing a statement from Paul’s wife that she made to vogue Magazine last year, then asking Paul if he agrees with her comments.

Paul starts out explaining that the Monica Lewinski scandal should make everyone take a step back and think about whether or not they want him back in the White House, saying that the media has given him a pass instead of calling it for what what it was, “predatory behavior” on a young and impressionable intern.


He said that the democrats have “concocted a war on women” yet ignored one of the most important laws in our nation regarding sexual harassment because it was one of their own who did it. “There’s no excuse for that, it’s predatory behavior” he stated, he then followed up saying “We shouldn’t want to associate with someone who would take advantage advantage of a young girl in his office,” adding that it wasn’t simply an affair or infidelity.

“Then they have the gall to stand up and say republicans are having a war on women,” he said in a rhetorical manner, adding “So yes, I think it’s a factor. It’s not Hillary’s fault, but it is a factor in judging Bill Clinton and history.”

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