Beyonce Strips Down For Her Raunchiest Performance Yet

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As the Grammy award ceremony began Sunday night, millions waited in anticipation for Beyonce’s performance with her husband. To many of the viewer’s surprise though, her performance turned out to be a seductively raunchy performance definitely not suitable for children.

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The Grammys aired last night at 5 p.m. on the East coast and 8 p.m. on the West—needless to say quite a few children were awake watching several of the artists perform.  As time grew near for the highly awaited performance of the woman so many look up to, some parents were left a little confused as to what she was thinking.


Beyonce started out her performance of “Drunk In Love” straddling a chain wearing a see through outfit that revealed as much of her body as possible.  She was wearing a high-end lingerie outfit by La Perla that dawned a criss-cross pattern of censorship around her more, private body parts.  Although, it appeared as if she didn’t really mind what was showing as, when she turned around, viewers got a shot of her derriere with nothing but a thong on.


The singer then went about her 5 minute performance including her husband that seemed to get more offensive to parents as it went on.  Jay-Z, Beyonce’s husband, soon came on stage wearing a black spotted tuxedo to perform in the couple’s duet.


Once he was on stage though, things got even more out of hand now that Beyonce had something to use in her sexual performance.  The star proceeded to rub up and down while back to back with her husband as well as let her hands roam free.  She was seen running her hands up and down the backs of her husband’s legs during her vocal performance and even grabbed his butt.


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Jay-Z didn’t seem to mind though as, when they turned around to face each other, the couple shared an on stage smooch where he snuck in his own back side grab.


At one point it was even noted that Beyonce’s skimpy outfit was subject to a malfunction that she seemed to be prepared for. Apparently during the performance her bra slipped down to expose what would have been her nipple if she hadn’t been wearing glittery pasties.


Needless to say quite a few parents who were watching the award ceremony with their children weren’t so enthused.  Katie Stapp wrote on Twitter, “Come on people!! Yeah Beyoncé has an amazing voice but that outfit?!?!? Completely no class. Give children something to look up to #absurd.”


Several others echoed Stapp’s concerns such as Stephen G. Peters when he wrote, “Sorry Beyoncé!!! Class ALWAYS wins! It wins for our children. Sad day when our kids can’t even watch the Grammy’s! #Puzzled.”  Theresa Bailey added, “Beyonce seriously? It’s 8:00. That performance was NOT appropriate for children. Thank God mine are in bed. #shameonyou.”

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How do you feel about Beyonce’s performance? Do you think it was suitable for public TV? Let us know in a comment below!

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