Patricia Smith Tells Hillary Clinton “It DOES Make A Difference!” [VIDEO]


January 27, 2014 9:09am PST

During her half-hearted testimony on Capitol Hill, Hillary Clinton easily disregarded the deaths of 4 Americans that happened under her watch when she came under fire for what happened on September 12, 2012 in Benghazi. She said “what difference at this point does it make?” when speaking of who attacked the embassy and why, trying to marginalize the administration’s attempts to cover up their incompetence during an election year.

Well Patricia Smith, whose son Sean died in the attack, had some words of her own for Clinton, who she feels has completely dropped the ball and is frustrated with not being able to get any answers.


She says she’s been asking the right questions, but they don’t seem to be looking for the answers and that “They’re letting it go by the way, they just don’t care,” which is a sentiment that is echoed across the nation, if one thing is for certain it’s that the administration is trying very hard to make everyone forget about that night. She went on to say that she knows they asked for help but didn’t get it, and one of her main questions is why didn’t they get it after asking for it 8 times?

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Another complaint she has is that Hillary is the only one who has any answers and she’s not talking, and that “nobody will make her talk”. She also doesn’t want Hillary to be president, adding that she makes “terrible” decisions and she needs to explain why she made them and apologize because it does matter.

As you know, media coverage of Benghazi has been less than stellar, well outright horrible, initially the complacent networks swallowed up the narrative of a random video sparking the attack and it wasn’t until after the elections that real stories were even run about it. News reports that have revealed “shocking” facts about the case haven’t mentioned Obama or Hillary once, and the New York Times even ran an “investigative” story about it that denied al Qaeda’s responsibility and again went back to the Youtube video. There was an MSNBC host who blamed the ambassador himself and even lied about his efforts to get more security and protect the consulate, obviously to protect Hillary and Obama.We even heard a report that journalists were threatened with their careers for digging too deep into this story.

It’s no wonder Patricia Smith is so upset, she lost her son in a tragic incident that could have been prevented if it weren’t for political aspirations and incompetence and not only can she not get any answers but the media, who’s supposed to be on our side and help us find the truth has done nothing of the sorts. They’ve only protected their messiah and his expected replacement, I would be sick and outraged too if I were her.

One thing is for certain, as we get closer to 2016 the wagons will be circled even tighter as they try to protect, and hand a victory to, Hillary Clinton and her mountain of lies.

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