Liberal Blogger Causes Outrage: Having A Husband, Kids “Not Real Accomplishments”

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One of the left’s favorite talking points is that there’s been a ‘war on women’ from conservatives who don’t want taxpayers to fund contraceptives or abortions, and don’t believe in giving special favor to any groups in the name of ‘equality’. Well a recent post from a liberal political blogger exemplifies what exactly the ‘war on women’ is and it’s not pretty.

The post is titled “I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry” and details why it is she thinks women in America are being oppressed, comparing having a career to being a mother and demeaning just about every little girls dream of growing up and having a family. Her angry post is a chilling reminder of how the left views women, children, marriage and families, and provides much insight into their attack on the traditional family.

It starts out with her excusing her vicious attack on women who want to be a mother and wife, claiming that people who say being a stay at home mom is hard work are simply “placating the mommy bloggers” and really believe the outrageous things she does. She even went as far as to say that having a husband and children is “so easy that anybody can do it”, and that she doesn’t consider either to be an accomplishment by any standard, saying that while they’re supposed to be milestones in life but are the most common things in life, obviously overlooking the challenges even her own mother faced in raising children because she didn’t just appear out of thin air.

She later argues that women “secretly complain” about motherhood being a challenge so that they don’t have to explain their lack of accomplishments in life, saying that managing a household “stupid” and that’s why men don’t care to do it. She also tries to explain that it’s “impossible” to have a career and children, which I would say is a complete falsehood since my sister is the proud mother of 2 beautiful young boys and also has a successful career in real estate.

I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised though, a look into her other blog posts shows us a bitter woman who’s destined to be single for eternity. Posts with titles like “I Use My Sexuality To Get Ahead At Work”, and “Why Do We Still Care About Getting Married?” litter her page and regurgitate the common feminist talking points, showing us without a shadow of a doubt that beliefs such as hers are atypical and if we had a world full of women like her the human race would end abruptly since procreation would no longer happen. I tried to find a picture of her to show you, but there wasn’t one

She says she looks down on women for wanting a family, I say I pity her because she’ll never know how it feels to love or be loved.

I posted some replies to her post, I’m sure there’s going to be many more like this.

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