RINO John Boehner Blames GOP For Gov’t Shutdown [VIDEO]

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Establishment Republican John Boehner is known for being a RINO(Republican In Name Only) and caving to democrats on important issues while stabbing his constituents and the conservative base in the back. Well his recent appearance on Jay Leno really let us know where he stands when it comes to what his priorities are.

Rather than stand up for what he ‘believes’ in he would rather cave to pressure and take the easy road. When directly asked by Leno if he thought the GOP was to blame for the shut down he replied “yes, absolutely“, even though while it was happening he sang a different tune, then went on to explain why, basically saying that he didn’t want to fight the fight because he knew it was going to be difficult, however because everyone else did he went along with it. Some leader, right?

The only saving grace to his interview is when he reaffirmed they were fighting for the “right things“, however he went on to say that tactically they did it wrong, forgetting that they had no other options and there’s a large segment of the population that wanted them to do exactly what they did.

Such comments can be seen as lacking the spine for the position he’s in as Speaker, also as him doing damage control for what he sees as a mark on the GOP. It’s too bad that when the shutdown happened he wasn’t willing to expose the lies and the bullying the democrats were doing at the time, maybe then he wouldn’t have to be out there now backtracking on it all.

Watch and see for yourself, he threw the GOP under the bus.

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