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We all know that when you go through security at the airport, the TSA is there waiting to confiscate just about anything they feel could be a threat to the aircraft or the passengers. Most of us have had shampoo, lotion, razors and other trivial, seemingly harmless items removed from our bags so that we could be awarded passage into the airport.

Well not everything is so trivial, and the TSA just released photos as well as a list of things that you wouldn’t believe people thought they could bring with them.

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638,705, 590 passengers were screened last year that turned up everything from guns to knives, to maces and throwing stars, even a human skull and a fake suicide vest were among the confiscated items.

According to the TSA, firearms were the most commonly seized items, with nearly 5 daily being found and taken for a total of 1,813 from 205 different checkpoints. They said that about 80% of them were loaded too, however I find it doubtful that the ones they found were from people who intended harm since everyone knows getting a gun through security is basically impossible. Although they did say they found a loaded .380 on a passenger’s ankle, which was more than likely an oversight on his behalf since most people who carry concealed tend to strap up out of habit.


Not surprisingly, Atlanta turned up the largest amount, with Dallas/Fort Worth coming in a close second.

Aside from guns they also found an array of stun guns, pepper sprays, knives, shock grenades, inert demolition devices, flare guns, and even a bazooka from World War 2. They said that in a lot of cases seemingly innocent pens and lipsticks concealed stun guns, knives and pepper sprays, walking sticks that concealed swords and cigarette packs that were really stun guns. In one case they discovered a deactivated suicide vest that belonged to an explosives instructor as well, which sent the agents into a panic.


Take a look at the pictures and you’ll see what I’m talking about, some will make you laugh and others will scare the hell out of you.

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