Charles Barkely: “Every Black Person Knows ‘Thug’ Means N-Word”

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It seems like lately every time we turn around there’s something new that’s being defined as racism. Whether it be opposition to the president or wanting voter ID at the polls, or even Oprah inventing new words to create racism where it didn’t exist, people seem to be getting rather creative in how they define racism and what it entails.

Well Charles Barkley definitely hasn’t disappointed us in that regard. In a recent interview on CNN, he told host Brooke Baldwin a few words and phrases that he thinks are ‘code’ for the “N-word”.

He was talking about Richard Sherman’s response to being called a “thug” for his post-victory rant in the AFC Championship game. Sherman stated that the word “thug” actually means the “N-word”, and that’s what people are saying when they use it. He also brought up hockey players and the way they fight, asking “and I’m the ‘thug?'”

Richard Sherman

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Barkley agrees, he added that “Every black person knows” and that “Some people don’t have the courage to say the ‘N-word’ so they use terms like ‘thug’ and ‘street cred.'”

What’s funny is that I don’t think either of them truly know what a ‘thug’ actually is. The Urban Dictionary defines a ‘thug’ as “Someone who had nothing, and was nothing, and became something,” and even specifically states that “A thug is NOT a gangster.” Kind of blows thier argument out of the water, doesn’t it?

To go further with it, union members have been called ‘thugs’ for decades due to their nature of being forceful in getting what they want, heavy handed political leaders are referred to as ‘thugs’ because they use their power to influence others, and basically anyone who’s a bully of any sorts and forces others into doing what they want them to or forces their ideology upon them is called a ‘thug’, so how exactly does ‘thug’ represent the “N-word’? Could it be that they’re making their own parallels between the 2 words and projecting it on to others?

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