Abandoned Ship Full of “Inbreeding” Rats and Other “Nightmarish” Creatures Still Missing

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In January of 2013, a mysterious 300-foot cruise-liner ship named the ‘Lyubov Orlova’ broke lose after it’s owners fell into debt on it and went broke. They could no longer pay for the crew aboard.

The boat was set to be scrapped for metal but drifted “hundreds of kilometers” northeast of St. John’s harbor after the line on an “unreliable” tugboat snapped which caused the vessel to float into international waters according to Canada’s CBC News.

As the mysterious vessel drifted closer to off-shore oil drilling operations, a supply vessel managed to corral the wayward Orlova. The problems magnified when the Orlova was transferred to a seperate supply vessel that was hired by Transport Canada. The line that connected the mysterious Orlova and the supply vessel – that was attempting to tow it – also broke.

No one has reportedly been on the ship for about the last year as the ship has drifted into the dark corners of unchartered waters. Because of this, many experts are now saying that it is very likely that the old ship is host to “nightmarish creatures.”

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Belgian salvage hunter, Pim de Rhodes told UK’s The Sun publication, “There will be a lot of rats, and they will eat each other.” He went on to say, “If I get aboard, I’ll have to lace everywhere with poison.”

It is very likely that the rats have been consistently inbreeding and eating each other.

Chris Reynolds, an official from the Irish Coast Guard who has been in talks with officials in UK, Norway and Iceland, said that rats were seen on the Orlova when it left Canada in the first place.

Because the ship has not turned up or been seen entering European waters, many experts have predicted that it has sunk.

“Our professional belief is that it has sunk’ said Reynolds. Officials in the UK also agree that the vessel has finally finished it’s ghastly journey at the bottom of the ocean. Lets hope that is the case.

There is alot of inconsistency with this story though because of the fact that no one actually knows where the ship is. As far as anyone knows it could be sunk or it could be headed towards any of us.

One thing is for certain. Nothing good would come of a massive cruise ship full of demon, zombie rats getting anywhere near shore.

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