SHOCKING VIDEO: Children Hang Out Of A Car Window To Photograph Lions

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Parents have recently come under fire as yet another example of lousy parenting has surfaced.  This time, however, it was taken to a new level of dangerous as two innocent children were allowed to hang out of a car window just feet away from grown lions.


In Kruger National Park, South Africa, a family stopped to photograph a male lion along with his female companion.  As another car moved forward, the family inched closer to the lions and parked, allowing their children to hang out of the car and take pictures and video of the animals.  As shown in the video, after about a minute, the male lion becomes agitated and lunges toward the vehicle, at which time the children retreat into the car, but continue to film with the windows left down.  Luckily, as the female lion decides to leave the scene, her male companion follows instead of causing injury or worse to the unsuspecting children.

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Commenters on the video criticized the parents:

“This is very irresponsible behaviour by the parents of these children!”

“Please obey all rules if you visit a wildlife park! These animals are not tame and will attack if provoked!”

“By the time the parent behind the wheel had even put the car in gear that lion would be using a tooth pick.”

“Those kids were lucky!  Those cats could have leaped in and killed them with one swipe of the paw!”

“That lion could have jumped up and grabbed one of those kids in a split second.”


When will people learn that wild animals are dangerous and cannot be trusted to be docile, especially around children?  Yes, they are beautiful and incredible creatures, but they should be appreciated from a safe distance.  This is not the first time someone has let their own affinity for wild animals come before their better judgement.  Luckily though, this time no one was hurt.

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