FRAUD: Man Caught Milking The Government For Benefits By Falsely Claiming To Be Blind

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Laurence Popp, 58, from Greendale, WI has been caught fraudulently collecting disability checks by claiming to be blind.  How was he caught?  He was filmed by the IRS driving himself to and from an interview with the Social Security Administration in Milwaukee.  Popp can be seen parking his car a block away from the office building and returning after his interview in the video.  Other footage shows him driving a snowmobile and even a speedboat!  For a business man who conned the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, this guy seems a little glib.

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Claiming he could no longer see, read, or drive, Popp told the interviewer, “I loved to work. I thought there was never anything that would stop me from working.  My lifestyle has just changed radically… This [interview] is kind of like reliving it.”  He was then seen reading his cell phone on his way back to his car, which he proceeded to drive home.

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Popp has been jailed for a year for collecting $175,000 in disability payments, $115,000 in Medicare benefits, and evading taxes totaling around $178,000.  He was able to defraud the government out of all of this money between 2004 and 2009, all while working two jobs the whole time.

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What did he do with all that dough?  He spent it on lavish vacations and expensive jewelry for his then wife, Kimberly, even buying her a $25,000 diamond and emerald necklace at one point.  In fact, agents confiscated enough gold and jewelry in his home to pay back his debts entirely.


Popp pleaded guilty in court and even wore shaded glasses, as if to perpetuate his “blind” facade.

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