GRAPHIC: Rage Filled 14-Year-Old Stabs Younger Sister 30 Times Because She Was Ungrateful

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A girl was pushed to the edge recently after she claims that her half-sister was ungrateful after she did her chores and cooked her dinner.  The younger sister reportedly even slapped her sibling in the face prompting the girl to set an alarm for some morning revenge.  As it turns out, the next morning, the girl went and got a knife and savagely stabbed her younger sister 30 times in the face, neck, torso and arms.

A 14 year old girl reportedly called 9-1-1 after, as she told police, she found the dead body of her sister, 11-year-old Dora Betancourt, lying lifeless on her bedroom floor.  She also informed police that she had seen a Hispanic man running away from the scene.


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As police investigated the scene they found the knife still on the bed, and even discovered some of Dora’s assailant’s hair still in her hand.  When confronted, the older sister admitted that she was actually the one that did it.

Apparently Dora had slapped her sister the night before, causing the 14-year-old to feel as if she was being ungrateful.  After cooking her dinner for an entire week and even doing her chores, then Dora set her alarm to get up early in the morning.

Shortly after the alarm went off at around 7:50 am, the sister went downstairs to the kitchen where she retrieved a knife.  She then entered Dora’s room where she began her lethal assault.  Dora was reported to have 5 defensive stab wounds on her hands as she tried to fight her sister off.

Unfortunately the sister was able to complete the task as she stabbed her sister 30 times in the neck chest and arms—some so deep they punctured her lungs.  Dora was also reported to have three slice wounds across her face.


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As she carried out the brutal stabbing, she was reported to scream a different reason why she was killing her for all 30 impalements.  The main cause—she was ungrateful.

The coroner also reported that there were so many wounds they could not even count all of them–with 100% accuracy that is.

The older sister was then reported to go and take a shower to rinse off the blood and then woke her mother saying she was awoken by her sister’s screams. The family then called police. When police arrived, they noted that the 14-year-old did still have some blood on her.

The girl has since been arrested and remained stone face at her hearing.  Although the girls have separate fathers, they do share a mother who was also at the hearing despite refusing to look at her daughter.


Neighbors from the community explain that they never could have seen this coming. Mary Anne Gryder explained, “They would always be together. The older one would be taking care of the younger one, and vice versa.”

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Another neighbor, Verona DeCosta, went so far as to suggest, “What could be so bad that she did something like that. A 14-year-old doing that… that sounds demonic to me.”

What do you think—is she demonic or is this the result of an emotionally unstable child? Let us know in a comment below!

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