EVIL: Mother Tortures 3-Year-Old Son To Death

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In what is truly a stomach churning story, a mother is behind bars today after she brought her son to the hospital where they discovered him to have been dead for several hours.  Upon completion of the autopsy, the boy was found to have endured months, if not years, worth of torture consisting of savage beatings and even burns.

The disgusting Fafane Caze, 21, called 9-1-1 at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday after her son had reportedly stopped breathing where he was swiftly taken to Jackson North Medical Center. Once there, doctors determined that the boy hadn’t recently stopped breathing but had , in fact, been dead for several hours.


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Sadly, Neal Cuevas of the Miami Police Department explained to reporters, “She cared more about getting arrested than she did about her son,” and that, “She didn’t shed a tear.”

According to reports the boy was subject to several forms of torture that Caze executed as punishment.  The three year old had several, old and new burns to his genitals, fingers and face.  Caze apparently thought it a justifiable consequence to burn her son’s genitals because he urinated on the floor.


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The boy was also said to have several buckle marks spanning the entirety of his body.  Once again, the markings were said to have been both old and new, some of which were scars and deep lacerations, while others were just bruises.  The marks matched the exact buckle of Caze’s security guard uniform belt that she was required to wear.

On top of this, Caze also admitted to police that during an altercation with the boy’s father, she attempted to throw the boy—who was then an infant–at the man. When the boy defecated in his pants, Caze took to beating the child with a broom handle which was found in her apartment broken in two.


During the night of the boy’s murder, Caze told police that she had thrown the boy across the room and into a table.  The boy reportedly gasped for air and begged his mother for a drink of water as he bled out internally. It wasn’t until long after the boy had stopped breathing that the mother called for help.

In the past, Caze also reportedly, “refused to seek medical attention to treat the victim’s injuries, instead concocting a remedy of vegetable oil and laundry blue to treat the victim’s wounds.”


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Of all the families trying to have a baby and would love to nurture and care for this child, it’s a shame to see that pathetic excuses for human beings are even able to have children.

Fafane has been charged with aggravated child abuse and torture…[and] attempted felony murder.”

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