Son Shoots And Kills Burglar Who Was Holding His Dad At Gun Point 40 Yards Away

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A Texas father and son have gotten quite a bit of attention after the son successfully shot and killed a trespasser that was holding his father at gun point about 40 yards away.

The father—who asked that both his name and his son’s name be withheld—reportedly went outside on Thursday at around four in the morning to investigate a strange noise.  Gun in hand, he soon found out that the noise was the result of a trespasser.

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The father must have gotten too close as the trespasser began to fight back and was able to overpower the father.  The trespasser then gained control of the weapon and was reportedly pointing it at the son’s father.

The adult son who went out with his father but stayed about 40 yards back quickly noticed that he had to do something to save his father’s, now endangered, life.  With what must have been a rifle or shotgun, the man took aim and with a single shot, dropped the man killing him instantly.

Talking with reporters later, the son explained, “I meant to shoot one time and that was it. He was going to kill my dad.”

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The two men are still here today because of the son’s quick thinking and accurate shooting.

As of this time, the Sherriff’s office has fully investigated the case and has, “turned over their findings to the Van Zandt County District Attorney’s Office for review.”  It is expected that the two will not face criminal charges as the shot was justified.

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