POWERFUL: Fox’s Brit Hume Says Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Represent Parenthood At All [VIDEO]

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If you watch Fox News then you’re no stranger to their long time political commentator Brit Hume. With a deep, monotonous voice, and a mannerism that will make anyone stop what they’re doing and pay attention to what he’s saying, he’s become an authority on politics and the issues facing our nation today.

Wednesday evening he joined Brett Baier on “Special Report” to deliver a monologue about abortions, Roe V. Wade, and the people who continue to push for the murder of the unborn. His words are powerful, thoughts meaningful, and he makes a very strong case as to why abortions should be outlawed.


He starts off by mocking the Supreme Court decision 41 years ago in Roe v. Wade, saying that they basically “invented” the “generalized right to privacy” and gave women the constitutional right to “snuff out an unborn life, a human being with a beating heart,” explaining that’s what a fetus which is just 6 weeks old is.

He goes on to quote the astronomical figure that since then 55 million, yes MILLION, abortions have been performed, then explains how science has really clarified just “how much of a baby a fetus is,” saying that at 20 weeks they can hear and even recognize their mother’s voice, and that their hearts even beat loud enough to be heard by a stethoscope. He adds that the moral case for banning such procedures is growing ever stronger the more we learn about the unborn.

From there he attacks the “euphemisms” used to support abortion, saying that proponents of it hide behind phrases like “this isn’t about abortion, it’s about choice,” and that it’s not about killing the unborn but rather “reproductive health,” and he’s dead on with it.

He closes by taking a shot at Planned Parenthood, quoting how many ‘procedures’ they carried out in 2012 alone and delivers a line that’s sure to make the left in our country cry out in anger, “whatever these numbers represent, it’s not parenthood,” to which I couldn’t agree more.

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