Meth Fueled Father Drags Kidnapped Son Into Woods To Perform Exorcism, Attacks Police

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Police responded to a call on January 16th where they found a man high on meth, who had kidnapped his son and brought him into the woods, trying to perform an exorcism.   During the incident, the man attacked police where he repeatedly screamed, “I have to stop the demons. I have to do it.”

Bryan Adams 31, reportedly approached his estranged wife where he demanded she give him the car.  She told police that he threatened that if she did not comply, that he would take their children away from her.  She had also informed police that the reason the two split up was because of Adams’ heavy meth use.

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Upon non-compliance, Adams kept to his word where he snuck into the bedroom of his 11-year-old son and kidnapped him from the residence.  The drug addict took his son—who was still in his pajamas–into the woods where the son reported that he said, “You are the demon, you are the demon.” Hinting at an exorcism, or possibly worse, the man allegedly said, “I know what I must do with you.”

It is unclear why the police were called, but the first officer to arrive was a K9 unit who found the man and child in the woods.  The officer took the boy from the man who was laying on the ground and reported him to be uninjured.  When police went to apprehend Adams however, he took off into the thick vegetation.


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Deputy Leland Schoonmaker explains, “I then observed Bryan getting up off the ground and lunging at Deputy Hazy Bryan then turned around and began punching me in the chest with both hands. One wrist did have a handcuff on it and he was swinging it around as he was punching me.”

The officers also noted that Adams showed, “no compliance or showing of pain and abnormal strength.”

As Adams was fighting with police, officers claim that the man kept repeating, “I have to stop the demons. I have to do it.”

Officers eventually deployed the use of a Taser, but Adams seems unaffected by it and even took to punching the K9 unit while being Tased. Deputy Hazy Bryan was then reported to use more extreme force where he, “punched Bryan [Adams] in the face approximately five times with [his] right hand.”

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Police were able to successfully subdue the man where he was promptly brought to jail.  As it turns out, “Adams is currently on felony probation after being found guilty of criminal mischief following a July 4 arrest,” and is now currently being held on $170,000 bond.

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