Sarah Silverman Compares Sperm To Human Fetuses, Says Masturbation Should Be Illegal

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Sarah Silverman is at it again, this time attacking conservative Mike Huckabee for his comments regarding women and the need to control their libido without the help of government so that taxpayers aren’t on the hook for their contraceptives.

She appeared on MSNBC’s NOW w/Alex Wagner show with Lizz Winstead, another known feminazi with an ax to grind with men across America. The three took turns mocking Huckabee and the pro-life crowd for our beliefs that the government shouldn’t be paying for either contraceptives or abortions.


At one point, Silverman echoed a common liberal talking point that “When a politician is speaking on behalf of those who are pulling their strings for their purse and for the betterment of their career, it’s gross,” forgetting that it’s a politician’s job to speak on behalf of the people who elected them. Then again, if you can’t debate the message then you attack the messenger, right?

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She tried to take a dig at Huckabee’s remarks, saying that she too “would like to control her libido, and her reproductive system,” conveniently forgetting to mention that she’s more than capable of doing so without asking us to pay for it, which is the crux of Huckabee’s argument. She also admitted that the majority of her fans have no idea what’s really happening in politics, yet she wants them to get on board with her ‘movement’ and vote for the ‘right’ candidates, but that’s really not too much of a surprise considering she barely knows what she’s talking about and it showed throughout the segment.


The clip really gets interesting, and Silverman shows that’s she’s truly a rabid liberal when she compares human fetuses to sperm, then mocks the pro-life crowd’s efforts to prevent them from being murdered, saying;

I mean, the truth is sperm has a sense of smell. That’s just something scientist have known for a decade. That means that sperm is life. And so in my opinion, we’ve got to save those babies. If they’re going to masturbate into a shower drain or a gym sock, we’ve got to stop them.”

Really Ms. Silverman? That’s right, “Ms.”, the 43 year old isn’t married and doesn’t have any children which could explain why she’s so bitter.

It’s nice to see that you’re willing to marginalize human life to push your feminist agenda. She went on to say that maybe we should outlaw masturbation because it would be the same for men as outlawing abortions is for women, although I truly fail to see the connection.

No wonder she appeals to the ignorant.

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“When a politician is speaking on behalf of those people who are pulling their strings for their purse and for the betterment of their career, it’s gross.”

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