Obama: Fox News Is Responsible For My Failures

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Obama recently took to an interview to whine—once again—about his failures and how, of course, they’re not his fault.  He explained that his inability to, “penetrate the Republican base,” all stems from the “caricature” Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have portrayed him to be.

Obama started his pouting session by explain that as he is the devout father of two children, going the social rout isn’t really an option.  He suggests that going out late at night for a couple of drinks with a fellow political—either Republican or Democrat—just isn’t plausible as his committed family values do not permit it.

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Instead of admitting his total denial to compromise, he insists:

“I think probably, just from a purely political point of view, the bigger challenge that I’ve had has to do with the fact that there is a core group of Republican House members in particular who know that I lost their districts by twenty-five or thirty points, and that there is a Republican base of voters for whom compromise with me is a betrayal.”

Riiiight.  It wouldn’t be the fact that many of your proposals are unconstitutional or more in line with your own personal agenda rather than what’s best for the public.  He instead explains that the true reason for the lack of negotiation from Republicans actually stems from Fox News.

He claims:

“The issue has been the inability of my message to penetrate the Republican base so that they feel persuaded that I’m not the caricature that you see on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, but I’m somebody who is interested in solving problems and is pretty practical, and that, actually, a lot of the things that we’ve put in place worked better than people might think.”

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Members of Congress, on the other hand, feel the reason may be a little clearer than the President’s proposed excuses.  Politicians from the other side of the isle have been complaining that it’s the other way around and, in fact, it’s Obama that isn’t willing to negotiate.

Former Sen. Olympia Snowe stated, “A president should be reaching out to many on the opposite side of the aisle — you know, to many Republicans, on a bipartisan basis.”  She later went on to say that she would give Obama a, “close to failing,” grade when it came to his, “relationship with Congress.”

But it isn’t just Republican’s that have been speaking out against the “caracturized” Commander-in-Chief—several Democrats are starting to see Obama’s nonnegotiable demands to get what he wants. Sen. Joe Manchin claimed that he noticed Congress was, “almost to a crisis stage before,” Obama would intervene—and not by his own choice, but out of obligation.

Manchin explained that, “I just think sometimes they’re looking for a little bit of guidance also … that’s your responsibility as a leader to give that guidance,” speaking about congress and Obama’s inability to be a leader.

Of course, this isn’t fazing Obama as he continues to march to the beat of his own drum with blinders on. He’s taking what little support he has left as the only assurance he needs that he’s doing the right thing.

Wrapping up the interview, he states, “I’d like to think that part of that is because the Democrats up on Capitol Hill that I have relationships with know that the things I’m fighting for are things they care deeply about, and that I have a genuine commitment to seeing them succeed.”

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Sure, you run with that.

What do you think—is it really Fox News’ fault or is Obama truly a disastrous failure in office? Let us know in a comment below!

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